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The University of Iowa Piano Pedagogy Video Recording Project (UIPianoPed) started in 2011 and has since amassed almost 3000 videos of beginner to intermediate piano pieces and over one million views on YouTube. It is our goal to have over 9000 videos by the time it is all said and done. The videos are all recorded by Dr. Alan Huckleberry and Dr. Jason Sifford. This wiki will accompany this project by adding specific pedagogical descriptions of each of the recorded compositions. The descriptions will cover style, form, technical demands, and other information meant to help piano teachers and students alike.

Using Online Resources to Help Your Students

The YouTube channel (UIPianoPed) which goes along with this Wiki is meant for teachers to search for repertoire and to provide their students with good, professional examples of how the pieces should sound.  This Wiki adds another layer to this pedagogical project: Teachers can now also read about the basic technical and musical issues in each piece.  The descriptions are provided by undergraduate and graduate students in Dr. Alan Huckleberry's Piano Pedagogy Seminars at The University of Iowa, as well as by Dr. Huckleberry and Dr. Jason Sifford.

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